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East Skokie Drainage District

Serving the East Fork, North Branch of the Chicago River subwatershed, Lake County, IL.


The East Skokie Drainage District (ESDD) is a municipal entity organized under the Illinois Drainage Act.  The District is authorized to acquire, construct, own, operate and maintain a drainage system within a court approved area located in Lake County, Illinois.  ESDD maintains approximately 12 miles of open channel and 3 miles of underground culverts and pipes within the east fork of the north branch of the Chicago River.  District functions are carried out by three Commissioners who are appointed by the Lake County Board and operate under the supervision of the Lake County Circuit Court.  ESDD utilizes independent contractors to conduct the work of the District and employs no full or part-time employees.  Operations are funded by assessment levied at $515,000 annually and grant funds which are periodically awarded to the District.





The District maintains a regular meeting schedule which can be viewed under the designated section of this website.  The District can be contacted through its retained counsel, Bryan Winter at bwinter@fuquawinter.com or 847-244-0770.



To request public documents, please submit a written request stating the specific record or document you are seeking.  Requests can be mailed to Bryan R. Winter, FOIA Officer, 9 N. County Street, Suite 200, Waukegan, IL  60085 or faxed to (847) 244-0033. Requests may also be submitted via email to bwinter@fuquawinter.com.  The FOIA Officer may be reached by phone at 847- 244-0770.

Request should contain your name, address, the date of the request, a daytime phone number, exactly what it is you are requesting, and how you would like to receive that information. Please make your written request for information as specific as possible in order to expedite the processing of your request.

There will be no fee for the first 50 printed pages; thereafter the District will charge 15 cents per page. Any cost for reproducing oversized documents will be passed on to the person(s) requesting the information. Copying costs must be paid before the documents or records are furnished. Please direct all requests, questions or concerns to the FOIA officer listed above.

The District has the following general categories of records: annual reports, minutes, resolutions, project files and general information files.




Coordinating Engineer Consultant:

Attorneys for the District:

Retained Engineers: